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Thinking of growing onions this coming season? Some quick factors you need to consider:

Onions grow best during cool weather i.e. autumn and winter so that they are lifted in early summer.


The bulb results from accumulation of food reserves in the lower portion of the plant. The process of bulbing is closely associated with an interaction between two environmental factors – light and temperature. Cool conditions with long days are normally essential for production of onions and warmer weather is required when the crop is harvested.

Temperature plays a significant role in initiating and influencing the rate of bulbing. 

Fluctuating weather conditions can influence flowering of onions although they normally flower in the second year. It also causes bolting but low temperatures will inhibit bolting.


And for the soil:

1. Onions prefer lighter soils although they can be grown on a wide range of soils.

2. Onions have a shallow root system and a soil depth of 450mm is adequate.

3. Hybrid varieties have a low tolerance to low pH, hence for acidic soils correct the pH by applying lime.