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If you want to produce the maximum amount of maize for minimum input, the best method to use is called Conservation Agriculture (CA), which has been promoted locally as “Farming God’s Way”.

The features of this method are:

Minimal tillage. YOU SHOULD NOT USE A PLOUGH and thus, you do not need draft power to prepare your fields. Do not disturb or compact the soil’s natural structure. Rather dig precise planting holes in a uniform pattern throughout the field.

Mulch to keep the moisture in the soil and to protect the soil from being washed away. You should never, never, never burn vegetation that covers the soil. Conversely, avoid leaving the soil bare, because you will lose moisture and erosion will occur. Rather slash, cut or graze the plants and previous stover, which will spread it more evenly over the soil.

High quality and precise plant spacing. Plan out the field and measure where each planting hole will be for an optimal distribution.

Precise placement of seed and fertilizer. Do not wastefully broadcast seed and fertilizer on to the soil as this will likely result in poor seed-soil contact, wasted fertility and ultimately lowered yields.

Planting in early- to mid-November, or immediately following the first effective rainfall of the season to ensure even germination and maximize on the use of water.

Thinning out/removal of weaker germinated plants so as to maximize yield.

Maintain a disciplined and regular weed control. Weeds take moisture which should be available to your crops

(Source: www.cfuzim.org)