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Coopers Triatix 2L


Dip to control ticks ,lice and manage mites in cattle, pigs and sheep

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Controls all stages of ticks. Controls strains of ticks resistant to arsenic, organochlorines, organophosphates, carbamates and synthetic pyrethriods and is not subject to cross-resistance from other acaricides. Rapidly controls mange, mites and lice. A unique surface spreading effect allows Triatix to spread to those areas infested by ticks, which are normally difficult to wet such as the inner ear, groin, and under the tail. A rapid expellent action causes ticks to quickly detach from the body and die. This results in rapid healing of the tick bite reducing screwworm strike and bacterial abscesses – Triatic Stock Spray thus has an outstanding cosmetic effect and speed of clean up of the herd. The expellant action prevents the attachment of, and kills ticks, which climb onto the animal after spraying. Has a long residue effect reducing frequency of treatments. Is rapidly biodegradable in the soil and does not cause pollution of the environment. Has a wide margin of safety for all age groups and all stages of pregnancy. Leaves no residue on meat and milk. Triatix Stock Spray is safe for regular use on dairy cattle. Triatix Stock Spray has a green label and is oxpecker friendly.


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