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Protect the head of your most valuable assets- the people, with these hard hats, available at your nesrest Farm and City Centre.

Reasons for Wearing a Hard Hat:

  1. Hard hats protect the head of our most valuable assets.
  2. Hard hats protect the employees if they bump their heads against fixed objects and equipment.
  3. Hard hats will protect employees if heavy equipment bumps into them.
  4. Hard hats protect employees from falling objects.
  5. A properly worn hard had will protect the employees head in case of a fall.
  6. If a powered industrial truck rolls over, an employee with a hard hat on has a better chance of survival.
  7. Employees are working in and around traffic, which is unpredictable.
  8. Hard hats make employees more visible at day and night.
  9. A properly worn hard hat gives employees more ventilation than a baseball cap and a hard hat’s reflective property makes it cooler than wearing a baseball cap.
  10. Wide brim hard hats provide more sun protection for employees.
  11. More and more clients/projects are requiring contractors to wear hard hats on their jobs.
  12. The difference in the image that is portrayed between a work crew wearing hard hats and a crew that is not is hug